Base Culture Soft Sandwich 24 Oz

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Grain free. Gluten free. Dairy free. Pure paleo ingredients. Peanut free. Family Favorite: Kid approved; tough of honey. Our Story: A 30-day Paleo challenge for our founder, Jordann, became a lasting lifestyle when she began feeling more energized, healthy and simple better. But finding satisfying 100% grain free, gluten free, paleo baked goods proved another challenge. So Jordann started making her own delicious baked goods in her apartment. Today at Base Culture, we still make everything ourselves, using the best quality, pure paleo ingredients. We hope you enjoy! Preservative free. Simple. Natural. Primal. Instagram. Facebook. (hashtag)mybaseculture. 1.844.MyPaleo (697.2536).


18 servings per container
Serving size
(1 slice)

Amount per 1 slice

% DV
17% Total Fat 13g
13% Cholesterol 40mg
5% Sodium 120mg
3% Total Carbs 8g
0% Protein 5g
4% calcium 50mg
6% iron 1mg
2% potassium 130mg
2% vitamin d 0.2mcg


(Non-Gmo Ingredients) Eggs, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Almond Butter, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Cashew Butter, Water, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Honey, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Golden Flaxseed Meal, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Coconut, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Almond Flour, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Coconut Flour, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Apple Cider Vinegar, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Sea Salt, (Non-Gmo Ingredients) Baking Soda.


Freeze until ready to enjoy.

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