Meyenberg Lightly Salted Goat Milk Butter 2 Sticks

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Since 1934. European style. Lightly salted. Our goat milk butter is carefully churned with the highest quality cream and just the right touch of salt. With is spreadable texture and uniquely nutty and earthy flavor, our goat milk butter adds that special something to your cooking and baking, making sweet cakes velvety smooth and pie crusts extra flaky. Welcome to a new culinary butter experience – whether simply melted on toast or a steak or used in any recipe calling for butter – that will enhance your flavor profile every time. Elevated taste from sweet to savory. Easily spreadable due to a low melting point. European style with 82% butterfat content. Did you know? Goat milk butter is bright white, because goats – unlike cows – don’t pass naturally occurring beta carotene from grasses into their milk.


16 servings per container
Serving size
(1 tbsp)

Amount per 1 tbsp

% DV
18% Total Fat 12g
13% Cholesterol 40mg
2% Sodium 40mg


Pasteurized Goat Milk Cream, Salt, Natural Flavor.


Perishable. Keep refrigerated.

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