Land O Lakes Butter, Salted 4 Ea

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Whether melted, browned, creamed or clarified, Land O Lakes Salted Butter sticks improve the taste of everything they touch. Land O Lakes Salted Butter is made with two simple ingredients – sweet cream and salt. Use these four salted butter sticks in your favorite dinner recipes or homemade goods like breakfast pastries. Land O Lakes Butter comes in pre-measured, ready-to-use butter sticks that are individually wrapped in a FlavorProtect wrapper. No matter how you use it, this stick butter will take your cooking to a whole new level. Land O Lakes Salted Butter ? Eat It Like You Own It.


32 servings per container
Serving size
(1 g24)

Amount per 1 g24

% DV*
14% Total Fat 11g
10% Cholesterol 30mg
4% Sodium 90mg
10% vitamin a 90mcg
* Contains: Milk.


Sweet Cream, Salt.


Carton has been opened. To close: 1. Find in small end flaps. 2. Insert flap A into slot B as shown.
May be kept up to 4 months if frozen. Keep refrigerated.
Pull to open.
Best if used by date on package.

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