Morningstar Farms Hot Dogs 8.4oz

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Veggie dogs. Frankly delicious. Colors & flavors from natural sources. Certified plant based. At Morningstar Farms, we think each and every meal can be the most important one of the day because including foods with veggie protein is good for you and for the world. With over 30 MorningStar Farms products and hundreds of our recipe ideas online, it’s easy to enjoy a delicious veggie meal any time of the day.

Water, Wheat Gluten, Dextrose. Contains 2% or Less of Salt, Brown Sugar, Methylcellulose, Spices, Yeast Extract, Maltodextrin, Onion Powder, Pea Protein, Natural Flavors, Garlic Powder, Carrageenan, Xanthan Gum, Sugar, Paprika Extract Color, Carrot Concentrate for Color, Tomato Lycopene Extract for Color, Paprika Color, Yeast, Radish Concentrate for Color.

serving per container
Serving size
Amount per 100.0
% DV*
Total Fat 1.3G
Saturated Fat 0.2G
Sodium 1076MG
Total Carbs 11.2G
Dietary Fiber 2.3G
Sugars 4.4G
Protein 17.4G
% Potassium 37MG
* Contains wheat, egg, soy and milk ingredients.
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